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Waltham Broccoli Microgreens

Waltham Broccoli Microgreens


We are proud to now offer our local and organically grown Waltham Broccoli Microgreens!


What are microgreens, you ask? Microgreens are the earliest stage of a plant’s development, after the sprouting stage, and they are purposefully harvested in their most nutritious state.


These baby Broccoli micros is a hardy and substantial microgreen that has a fresh, mild cabbage flavor. They are also favored for their health benefits, being a great source of sulforaphane, antioxidants, Vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus - an excellent choice as a garnish or base for any micro greens salad.


They are proven to have many health benefits, including:

 - Improvement of gut health

 - Boost in your immune system
 - Known to lower inflammation
 - Can help contribute to weight loss
 - Can help reduce the risk of various chronic diseases


We use only Certified Organic seed from our partners at True Leaf Market.



Now taking pre-orders for our Waltham Broccoli Microgreens! Please note, it will take 10-12 days from your order till harvest, and we will send you an email confirmation once they are freshly harvested and packed - ready for you to pick up!


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