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Freshcoln Farms, LLC is a family farm in Franklinville, New Jersey that offers farm fresh eggs, locally produced food, flowers, goods, and handmade products from our family as well as our growing community of partners. We offer online shopping through our new subdivision, Mama’s Market at Freshcoln Farms (soon to also be a physical market in the summer of 2021) and provide both shipping and delivery services straight to your door!

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Our Family

Hello from the Freshcoln family! Behind the scenes is loving father (and non-farmer) Tim, affectionately called ‘Papa Fresh’, who keeps this crazy chicken lady sane and gives some great perspectives around the farm when it comes to decision-making. Then we have Travis, who of course loves the animals but would prefer a little less chorin’ in his life. Next is our newest family member Olivia, who is just the sweetest little cheeky farm baby you ever did meet. Running the show and trying to keep up with the ever growing ‘to do list’, is me, Rachel (but my favorite people call me Mama) - the one who never gets tired of the country life and all it has to offer.

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Our Story

Starting at the height of the pandemic, we set out to make big changes in our lifestyles, and the first to go was that full-time, punch the clock, 9-to-5 (in exchange for a 365-24-7). After learning that we were soon expecting our daughter Olivia, and schools shutting down due to a fast-paced pandemic, it seemed the time had finally come - the time to set off on the journey of becoming a full-time homesteader and stay-at-home mom. 

Growing up with a deep passion for horses, and having had the entrepreneurial mindset most of my career, this came naturally for this Mama. The question was then, “How could we turn this into a family business and enjoy more time together?” And that’s just what we’ve set out to do. What started out as just a few raised beds, built during a very strong nesting phase of pregnancy, quickly turned into “next we need a chicken coop”, and then (you know) chicken math set in. 

Fast forward to 2021, we now have set off to create not only a place where we can enjoy our lifestyle and the animals on it, but also a place we can share with our community. We will be offering our farm fresh, organically grown produce, cut flowers, crafted decor pieces and even hope to have small events later this year. 

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Our Market

Mama’s Market at Freshcoln Farms is our new subdivision that launched in February of 2021. It is an online and [soon-to-be] in-store farmer’s market boutique, of sorts, where we partner with other small business owners to offer their amazing products to our customers, building on that sense of community. We take great pride in our relationships with our partners - setting out to make big impacts through making environmentally friendly, wholesome products. We wanted to capture a feeling of “we’re in this together” rather than just a bunch of individuals in it alone trying to support their family and dreams. We believe that it truly does take a village!

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Our Animals

Here at the farm we have horses, dogs, barn kitties, chickens, and goats (oh my)! Our horses, while mostly lawn mowers, give a sense of awareness within ourselves and great feelings of power, joy, and peace (unless of course they’re eating over the fence again). Our dogs (boxy-headed wiggle butts) are as sweet as can be, offer us such love and affection, and love being outside with us. Our barn kitties (exterminators, really) love to be independent and hunt most of the day, but are always up for a good cuddle when we’re just hanging out. Our chickens - well, let’s just say chicken math was real over the past year. We have laying hens, tweenager chicks, and baby chicks as well (currently). The layers do a great job providing breakfast to us and our local customers, and they also provide lots of zen while watching them free-range. Our goats are the newest members to the farm and they are hilariously adorable. The babies love being bottle-fed and prepping for goat yoga, while mama loves to eat in peace without her babies nursing all the time. Each animal here is raised with purpose and we can’t wait for you to meet everyone!

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