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New for 2021: CSA Farm Boxes!

CSA Farm Box

A few months ago, as me and baby Livie soaked up some of the gorgeous, warm weather, it got me thinking about what our family farm goals are going to be for 2021 year.

After researching local farmers and other small businesses in the area, I decided to dive in a bit more with regards to CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and how others can participate.

Being delighted to offer fresh, locally sourced goods to the community, what do y’all think about weekly or bi-weekly CSA farm boxes that would include fresh eggs, produce from our organic farm, and some other a la carte goodies from local farms/small businesses?

Comment to let me know what you think and reach out to let us know some items you’d use on a regular basis!

Thank you for your support as we embrace the new year and the new upcoming changes for our family farm. ❤️




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I am definitely interested!

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