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Reusable BPA-Free Egg Cartons (2-Pack)

Reusable BPA-Free Egg Cartons (2-Pack)


These Reusable BPA-Free Egg Cartons are perfect for storing your farm-fresh eggs! Our 2-pack offers you a convenient, eco-friendly way to store up to 24 eggs.


They are made of food-safe materials and are hand washable, so you can easily reuse them again and again. Plus, our egg cartons can be custom printed with your last name, so you can easily refill them when visiting us, while representing our commitment to sustainability at Freshcoln Farms.


Shop now for your reusable egg cartons and reduce your waste today!







Reusable Egg Cartons (2-Pack) - BPA-Free Food Organizer - Refrigerator Organizer - Egg Cartons - Farmhouse Organizer - Plastic Reusable Box

  • Washing & Care

    Handwash only with warm water and dish soap. Not recommended for the dishwasher (because of the vinyl print).

  • Features & Specs

    - Durable, BPA-Free, Food-Grade Plastic
    - Keeps Eggs from Breaking
    - Stackable Design, with Removable Lid
    - Each Carton Holds up to 12 Eggs (24 Eggs in Total)
    - Transparent in Color (for easy viewing of quantity remaining)

    Dimensions (per carton):
    12.5 in. x 4.25 in. x 3 in.


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