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Feature Friday: June 30th, 2023

We're in week 2 of our Feature Friday and growing our hashtag community #homegrownwholesomefresh , where every week we feature accounts that inspire us and give meaning to the words homegrown, wholesome, and fresh - through all that they do and offer the community around them.

How to Join Along & To Be Featured:

Here are this week’s featured accounts:

Larissa Jones of Dweling @‌dwelingco inspired us this week, when we saw her really clever, affordable DIY garden markers!

A Black Angus Beef Cow at Hidden Creek Farm in Bridgeton, NJ. Photo taken by Rachel Hess of Freshcoln Farms, LLC, located in Franklinville, NJ
Feature Friday: Larissa Jones | Dweling Co. #homegrownwholesomefresh

SO easy to do with the kiddos in an afternoon, and they look so modern!

Check out her website - with an awesome blog that features Organization, DIYs, and more.

Up next we have Amber from The Unhurried Homestead @‌theunhurriedhomestead .

After a LONG year of postpartum, finally seeing and reveling in the light at the end of the tunnel is SO much easier,

A Sourdough Starter Baker named Courtney from Acts of Sourdough. Featured by Freshcoln Farms, LLC in Franklinville, NJ.
Feature Friday: Amber | The Unhurried Homestead #homegrownwholesomefresh

especially with reminders like Amber's!

Her post on the baby being the lesson REALLY hit home for me.

Check out her page for yourself and see!

A beautiful chicken coop, called The Little Giant, built by Brittni from B. Home Designs. Feature photo by Freshcoln Farms, LLC of Franklinville, NJ.
Feature Friday: Franchesca | Alchemist Farm #homegrownwholesomefresh

Not only does she take beautiful photos of the gorgeous eggs her flock produces, but her farm is a humane chicken hatchery that offers some really unique breeds.

Check them out!

Lastly we have Gina from Life on Sweetly Farm @‌lifeonsweetlyfarm .

There has been just SO many different things I can relate to on her page, and the one that really got me this time was her post on "chickenmania".

A beautiful bounty harvest and CSA offering by Beth Declercq from The Declercq Homestead. Feature photo by Freshcoln Farms, LLC of Franklinville, NJ
Feature Friday: Gina | Life on Sweetly Farm #homegrownwholesomefresh

Have a look!

I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do. 🌱

Until next week my friends 💞



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