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Feature Friday: June 30th, 2023

We're in week 2 of our Feature Friday and growing our hashtag community #homegrownwholesomefresh , where every week we feature accounts that inspire us and give meaning to the words homegrown, wholesome, and fresh - through all that they do and offer the community around them.

How to Join Along & To Be Featured:

Here are this week’s featured accounts:

Larissa Jones of Dweling @‌dwelingco inspired us this week, when we saw her really clever, affordable DIY garden markers!

A Black Angus Beef Cow at Hidden Creek Farm in Bridgeton, NJ. Photo taken by Rachel Hess of Freshcoln Farms, LLC, located in Franklinville, NJ
Feature Friday: Larissa Jones | Dweling Co. #homegrownwholesomefresh

SO easy to do with the kiddos in an afternoon, and they look so modern!

Check out her website - with an awesome blog that features Organization, DIYs, and more.

Up next we have Amber from The Unhurried Homestead @‌theunhurriedhomestead .

After a LONG year of postpartum, finally seeing and reveling in the light at the end of the tunnel is SO much easier,

A Sourdough Starter Baker named Courtney from Acts of Sourdough. Featured by Freshcoln Farms, LLC in Franklinville, NJ.
Feature Friday: Amber | The Unhurried Homestead #homegrownwholesomefresh

especially with reminders like Amber's!

Her post on the baby being the lesson REALLY hit home for me.

Check out her page for yourself and see!

Next is Franchesca of Alchemist Farm @‌alchemistfarm .

A beautiful chicken coop, called The Little Giant, built by Brittni from B. Home Designs. Feature photo by Freshcoln Farms, LLC of Franklinville, NJ.
Feature Friday: Franchesca | Alchemist Farm #homegrownwholesomefresh

Not only does she take beautiful photos of the gorgeous eggs her flock produces, but her farm is a humane chicken hatchery that offers some really unique breeds.

Check them out!

Lastly we have Gina from Life on Sweetly Farm @‌lifeonsweetlyfarm .

There has been just SO many different things I can relate to on her page, and the one that really got me this time was her post on "chickenmania".

A beautiful bounty harvest and CSA offering by Beth Declercq from The Declercq Homestead. Feature photo by Freshcoln Farms, LLC of Franklinville, NJ
Feature Friday: Gina | Life on Sweetly Farm #homegrownwholesomefresh

Have a look!

I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do. 🌱

Until next week my friends 💞



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