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Our First Feature Friday of 2023!

After taking the week to reset, I wanted to bring back something that sparked a while ago - our Feature Friday and hashtag #homegrownwholesomefresh, where every week we feature accounts that inspire us and give meaning to the words homegrown, wholesome, and fresh - through all that they do and offer the community around them. ⁠⁠ With that being said, here are this week’s featured accounts:

A Black Angus Beef Cow at Hidden Creek Farm in Bridgeton, NJ. Photo taken by Rachel Hess of Freshcoln Farms, LLC, located in Franklinville, NJ
Feature Friday: Hidden Creek Farm #homegrownwholesomefresh

The Sickler family over at Hidden Creek Farm @‌hiddencreeknj just held their first Bessie & Books, where we attended a reading and did a themed craft the babies just adored!

This week’s theme was all about soil health and the book was called The Soil Quilt by @‌amandaradke . We can’t wait until next week!

Next, is Courtney from Acts of Sourdough @‌actsofsourdough .

A Sourdough Starter Baker named Courtney from Acts of Sourdough. Featured by Freshcoln Farms, LLC in Franklinville, NJ.
Feature Friday: Acts of Sourdough #homegrownwholesomefresh

I just happened to have

stumbled across her account, and after watching her sourdough reels, I decided to dive in and purchased dehydrated sourdough starter from her Etsy shop.

Y’ALL, I am not a baker, and let me tell you, she changed my life and gave me and my family something to pass on. If you’re new to baking or have been hesitant about sourdough bread, I cannot recommend her page enough!

A beautiful chicken coop, called The Little Giant, built by Brittni from B. Home Designs. Feature photo by Freshcoln Farms, LLC of Franklinville, NJ.
Feature Friday: B. Home Designs #homegrownwholesomefresh

Then, there is Brittni with B. Home Designs @‌bhomeliving . She is SO down to earth and creates beautiful builds - both in and out of the home.

Check our her latest obsession of mine, The Little Giant Coop.

It's not only something that is well built, but drool worthy and fit for a flock of up to 20 chickens.

Last, but not least, is Beth from The Declercq Homestead @‌bethdeclercq .

A beautiful bounty harvest and CSA offering by Beth Declercq from The Declercq Homestead. Feature photo by Freshcoln Farms, LLC of Franklinville, NJ
Feature Friday: The Declercq Homestead #homegrownwholesomefresh

She is one of the sweetest mamas and is proof of just how mighty a small farm can be.

From raising meat chickens to their beautiful CSA offering, her account has been not only inspiring but extremely helpful for those new to homesteading.

Check out their YouTube page for some very informative content!

I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do!

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Until next week my friends 💞⁠⁠

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