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Our Story

Starting at the height of the pandemic, we set out to make big changes in our lifestyles, and the first to go was that full-time, punch the clock, 9-to-5 (in exchange for a 365-24-7). After learning that we were soon expecting our daughter, and schools shutting down due to a fast-paced pandemic, it seemed the time had finally come - the time to set off on the journey of becoming a full-time homesteader and stay-at-home mom.

Growing up with a deep passion for horses, and having had the entrepreneurial mindset most of my career, this came naturally. The question was then, “How could we turn this into a family business and enjoy more time together?” And that’s just what we’ve set out to do. What started out as just a few raised beds, built during a very strong nesting phase of pregnancy, quickly turned into “next we need a chicken coop, and a bigger garden, and..”, and then, you know, chicken math set in and so did the itch for sharing our slice of heaven with our neighbors, friends, and family.

Fast forward to 2023, with lots of additions to our family and changes to our farm, we have set off to create not only a place where we can enjoy our lifestyle and the animals on it, but also a place we can share with our community. We offer our farm fresh eggs, homegrown, non-GMO produce, cut flowers, home décor and handmade goods, and we have plans to add small events and photo opportunities later this year.

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